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SA’s highest petrol hike to date

There’s one thing that needs no Viagra to go up in South Africa, and that is petrol. At it’s highest yet, at just under R10,00 ( around US$1,27), South Africans have to tighten their belts and discover ways of dribbling this “disaster”. The country doesn’t sport of any decent¬† transport infrastructure, and the projects for World Cup 2010 won’t suffice when complete – if completed. And to tell citizens to take up walking is unheard of once everything is far from everything else. It’s not like you can go around the corner for bread!¬† It’s South Africa! We need to drive around the corner for bread!

This shame is being attributed to a weakened rand and high crude oil prices. If you ask me, it all stinks. With mass media nowadays, corporations can manipulate all they want and profit more – see where I’m getting at? The government you voted for is the government that is doing everything it can to get hold of your pennies.

But it’s moments like these that humour has got to come in and quieten the spirits of those who are paying sun-filled Caribbean vacations for the stinking rich. I got this one by e-mail. It says it all:

Company cars for the New South Africa

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