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South Africa without Madiba

There are many things being said about how South Africa is going to wake up the day after Madiba parts. Most are saying that violence will errupt almost immediately between white and black. To be honest, I think that is total crap. Democracy came into this country back in ’94; enough time has gone by for people to understand that the path to follow is that of unison. Look at Zimbabwe, Angola and Mozambique. It didn’t quite work out after the so-called revolutions. They had no Mandela, and until today are still trying to establish themselves. You see, hate is a disease, one that renders its bearer useless. Mandela put that aside. He knew life was greater than that; to look ahead and see possibility, then work toward it – the lesson he gave every South African.

We stand in awe of Mandela, whether we admit it or not. de Klerk set things in motion, and Mandela wisely sought to keep the nation together. And he did. South Africans believe the country steered clear of racial war because of him, and that he, after leaving the presidency, remained with watchful eye over all. We trust him and know he is the balance, the symbol of the new South Africa. With him gone, so is the balance, at least we believe.

So, what is in store for us? I don’t know. Let’s just hold on to example: forget your grudges and gripes. Raise your heads, the future awaits. As for the past, let it be. It has long found a home in the annals of history. Bringing it back time and time again is short-sightedness, an act performed only by fools.

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