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Desmond Tutu agrees!

The man who was named after the South African dial tone spoke out. And I´m glad he did! I give you Desmond Tutu:

1/Jul/08 “We have to remind some in our country that there are those in Zimbabwe who have been ready to kill for Mr Mugabe,” said Tutu. “See what happens. They [the South Africans] speak about a revolution. Now, I don’t know what that refers to, but whatever it is, that revolution is not going to be sustained and preserved by intemperate, almost inane utterances. That revolution, the dream that is South Africa, the promise that is South Africa, that is going to be preserved when you and I are vigilant, you and I preserve freedom, you and I stand up for justice… you and I say, hey, our people did not shed blood for nothing.”

So, stop singing for Zuma. Don´t waste your time singing for men in general. It is not he who will feed your family or whatever, but you! Get off you political arses and start working for South Africa, and not for a political party that will do away with you if necessary.

You thought apartheid was tough? You think you´re free now? If you continue submitting to a man with no scruples, you´re done for. Think for youselves!

Consider Mugabe. Zimbabwe is every african´s dream, hey? puh-lease!

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