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Malema wants an apology? How cute…

Local South African clown Julius Malema wants a formal apology from BBC journo Jonah Fisher for questionaing why Sir Mal”EN”ema criticized the Zimbabwean political party Movement for Democratic Change for operating out of Sandton-based offices, an uptown area of the Johannesburg region. The question was made to confront Malema’s hypocritical remark, once the ANC Youth League “whatever” lives in Sandton himself. As a result, Julius “Anus” Malema called the reporter a bastard and accused him of being a conspirer, undermining, quote, “the credibility and integrity of African leaders”.Yeah, I questioning that too… 😉

Just a note: all South African politicians drive top market cars and live in posh neighbourhoods while the people they should be representing are left to the dogs…

10 two-way dildos for Mal-ema for this latest F*** up.

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