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“Sorry for Zuma”, says Juju Malema

This guy surprises me time and time again. When you least expect, he pulls off some marketing stunt just to get his ugly mug in the headlines. Which stunt you ask? Rude and racially discriminating? Nope. If it were, it’d be easily ignored ’cause all South Africans know he is all talk, and no brain… sorry, action.

The stunt is that of nationally apologizing to South Africans on SAfm for helping bring Jacob Zuma to power. Such a statement is clearly one of desperation, an attempt at reaping some sort of non-existant approval from JuJu haters across Sunny South Africa. He must have recalled how most politicians stepped away from former US president George W.Bush just to save face in that country’s upcoming elections, when the world saw an acting out, well almost, of John Grisham’s novel “THE BRETHREN”. Back on topic. Malema did something similar while in London for the 2012 Olympics, declaring that merit, not politics, should determine who represented South Africa at the Games. Such a statement went against his demeanor of pro-black and kill-all-whites. Could Mr. Big Mouth had undergone a change of heart? No! Of course not, silly! Delving into local newspapers, I quickly discovered a crystal clear motive: the man was humbling himself, like male hyenas do when the female’s around, for but one reason only … he wanted back in the ANC.


So, does being apologetic for Zuma’s office make the ANC roll out their red carpet? Well, it is opportune especially now that ANC leaders are – at least I believe –  a bit on the emotive side with Madiba in hospital and all. Maybe tears will blind them to Malema’s past verbal atrocities.

But, it’s a tough one to answer. See, Juju apologized to the people for Zuma being president, but at the same time he apologized to Zuma for having offended him.

“We apologise to him, but we do not apologise for disagreeing with him on policy direction and his leadership style.”

Ok kids, let’s put this one together:

Juju said…

… sorry for Zuma.

… sorry Zuma.

… Zuma you suck.

Ok, got it! For a second there I thought he had turned over a new leaf, but he’s still the same Juju as always.

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