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Low Turnout at Stadiums

seatsOne of the main concerns that FIFA had during the Confed Cup was the low fan turnout at the stadiums. I had already mentioned that charging almost US$100,00 per ticket was sheer greed from their part (way above $100,00 at the final), considering that soccer is the sport of the masses in Sunny South Africa, but today I got some further info on what really caused disappointing crowd numbers: corporates trying to please clients.
The scoop is that companies bought a large amount of tickets and dished them out to clients as a “thank you for your business” gift. Now, most of those clients never showed up at the stadiums, because the majority of them are downright cricket or rugby fans. It’s no mystery that soccer, cricket and rugby draw in different crowds, a fact that event organizers are fully aware of. For the 2010 WC, they cannot, in no way, allow corporates to rake up a great portion of tickets to gift clients with; it’s not fair! Sell tickets, and this at a low price, to fans of the sport!!! If they do this, then maybe you’ll see fans on the stands. This is a far greater issue to be dealt with than the vuvuzela trumpet!

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Schalk Burger tactics

The All-Seeing Eye!

The All-Seeing Eye!

To be honest, the British Lions have every right to make such a big fuss of Schalk’s new rugby tactics, but they’re clinging onto this with hopes that it’ll destabilize the Springboks. Desperate measures call for a lot of crying; let’s call it the Lions’ last resort before the final test match on July 4th.

But I think Div put it correctly today. The Springboks are passionate about the game, and are therefore rough and tough when on the pitch. It’s rugby for crying out loud! If you’re going to bitch because some bloke accidentally gauged your eye, gear up for badminton, girlieboy! Furthermore, why isn’t anyone blasting away Brian O’Driscoll’s tackle that knocked out Danie Rossouw? I bet that didn’t make the Queen Mother proud! Pommiecrites!!

There’s something about the Brits since they lost power over all their colonies: they seem to sob about everything…

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Joel Santana the man?

joelI really don’t want to be harsh here against South African coach Joel Santana, but I cannot sit back and not shed my thoughts on SAFA’s decision in contracting him.

There is no doubt that he is talented, and can put together a team to win tournaments: he has shown this in Brazil. But glory in Samba land doesn’t guarantee success elsewhere and I see two factors that keep Joel from making SA football worthy of watching.

First: South Africa has no players! All respect to Pienaar and the boys, but there was no renewing of the team after the Dr. Kumalo/Bartlett/Fish etc generation called it a day. They, SAFA, probably thought a fresh batch of players would just pop out of fertile mother Africa. Did anyone see them water the ground atleast? Or were they too busy counting the cash in their own pockets?

Second: This one is Joel’s own Achilles Heel – language. Even though South Africa is a country of eleven official languages, Santana speaks none. Ok, he tries to scrape some English out, but how can you get respect if you don’t know how to communicate? Remember Scolari in Chelsea? No English? No job!

SAFA should have tried Guus Hiddink or SA’s own Clive Barker: the former speaks English and has freakin’ wide experience, and the latter knows what SA clubs have to offer in terms of players.

I just hope Bafana-Bafana make it through to the second round or they will have No-fan-a No-fan-a.

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