Low Turnout at Stadiums

seatsOne of the main concerns that FIFA had during the Confed Cup was the low fan turnout at the stadiums. I had already mentioned that charging almost US$100,00 per ticket was sheer greed from their part (way above $100,00 at the final), considering that soccer is the sport of the masses in Sunny South Africa, but today I got some further info on what really caused disappointing crowd numbers: corporates trying to please clients.
The scoop is that companies bought a large amount of tickets and dished them out to clients as a “thank you for your business” gift. Now, most of those clients never showed up at the stadiums, because the majority of them are downright cricket or rugby fans. It’s no mystery that soccer, cricket and rugby draw in different crowds, a fact that event organizers are fully aware of. For the 2010 WC, they cannot, in no way, allow corporates to rake up a great portion of tickets to gift clients with; it’s not fair! Sell tickets, and this at a low price, to fans of the sport!!! If they do this, then maybe you’ll see fans on the stands. This is a far greater issue to be dealt with than the vuvuzela trumpet!

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