Vuvuzela Trumpets

vuvuThis Confed Cup is arguably the best held to date with powerhouses Italy, Spain and Brazil putting on strong performances – yes, I’m being sarcastic. If there’s team that is playing with heart, that team is Egypt. The pharoahs are taking the Cup seriously and really showing the world why they are African Champions. If they win, it’ll be great for Africa.

Now, I believe Fifa took on the King Fahd Cup because it saw the championship as a means of testing the structure of the nation to hold the next World Cup. South Africa has put on a good show so far despite some stadiums being a bit empty. There’s an explanation for that: at $100,00 a ticket, and games being held during working hours(the first match only), how the hell does FIFA expect to have fans on the stands? Idiots! Although this issue does bother, it is easily over looked the minute your ear drums start aching to the unceasing buzz echoing from the stands: the vuvuzela trumpets. The sound is annoying! That’s why the walls of Jericho fell! The people of Jericho broke the walls down on themselves to escape the blaring! Death was the sweeter option. Now, as for those South African fans, they are ALL LUNGS! Don’t they realize the commotion they’re creating? I’m fully aware that it is the country’s soccer culture, but it has to be done away with! Nobody will buy a ticket to have some guy blow the crap out of a vuvuzela throughout the match!

The players and the media have already taken note of this and I believe FIFA will have to come to a decision of whether to ban the ogrish trumpet or not. If nothing is done, the 2010 World Cup is bound to be marred by the ghastly vuvuzela.

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5 thoughts on “Vuvuzela Trumpets

  1. Tino Campuzello says:

    The vuvuzela trumpets are indeed very annoying. I love football, I usually watch all World Cup’s matches, and all other FIFA championships. BUT if trompets will stay in the RSA stadiums in 2010, I will not watch the 2010 World Cup. Many of my friends and colleagues agree with me on this. I also think that the Spanish player has had the balls to say in public what the other players dont dare to say because afraid of being treated as racists. This is ridiculous and south african people should not play with that. We admire black south african people, we love Mandela. But it is indeed a question of cultural respect: when a country is the organizer of a worldwide event, it should care about the others. It is not just a question of having a new stadium.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks for your input Tino. I agree with you fully. A country has all the right to show their culture, but it should also be conscious about how certain cultural aspects impact on other nationalities.
      As for FIFA, they have decided to remain quiet about this issue, but believe I that this matter will arise once World Cup 2010 gets under way.
      Let’s wait and see…

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  4. Dee Buckley says:

    That’s it for me. I cannot watch the World Cup – my ears are rejecting the rest of my body. Let’s do away with that cacophonous killer bee drone. Everyone I have talked to feels the same way. Instead of drawing new fans – you are sending them away faster than you can say vuvuzela trumpets!

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