Zuma’s new zong

Charming, isn\'t he?ANC president, Jacob Zuma, said he was happy with the delegates’ behaviour at the 23rd ANC Youth Rally held at NASREC, Johannesburg, on Sunday, 29th June.

So far, nothing bad about that. Just that the so-called “behaviour” that Mr. Zuma approved was a chant that went something like this:

“Choose to kill for Zuma”

How cute!!! Now isn’t that a beautiful song sung by thousands of ignorant young people for a man that stood trial for rape? For a man who apparently has HIV but, according to him, was able to miraculously wash it away after a *”nice hot shower”.

Where in today’s modern world do we openly hear something as hateful as this? Isn’t South Africa a democracy? Doesn’t the majority already hold power? Then why chant words like that!!!???

When questioned why, the president of the ANCYL, Julius Malema, responded:

“These are the words we use to express our love and dedication to the ANC movement” (imagine how he expresses himself to his parents??)

Yip, only in South Africa…

… and yes, this is South Africa’s “youth”: the hope of our tomorrow!

*People of the world, the cure for AIDS!! A nice hot shower!!!

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